Sep 12, 2023

Please be aware there are thousands of scam websites pretending to sell firearms, ammunition, parts, and accessories. If you are looking to make a firearm retail purchase from a website and have never used them, looks for red flags.

  • Poor grammar and spelling mistakes or pages that are not completed or have generic placeholder text.
  • All firearms must ship to a Federal Firearms License holder when purchased from a retail store. If the site does not ask for FFL information, that is a red flag!
  • Spoof sites - many scammers copy legitimate websites but change the domain name slightly.
  • Sketchy contact information or a fake address. Google map their address. If it shows as an abandoned building or a mail forwarding service, save your money.

You can also check this site which lists thousands of identified scammers. Or visit our Arsenal Preferred Retail Outlets page for legitimate retailers.