Arsenal Defense: Military, Law Enforcement, & Government Division

Arsenal Defense is a licensed weapons and ammunition wholesaler and international broker. Having established itself as an international wholesaler and broker, Arsenal has fulfilled all awarded government contracts without fail.  Not only is Arsenal capable of purchasing weapons from former soviet bloc and European countries, it manufactures AK variant firearms and all components and accoutrements for these firearms here in the USA.

Since its inception in 2000, Arsenal has manufactured, imported, exported, sold, and provided machine guns, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, grenade launchers, rifles, pistols, plus associated parts, and ammunition for both military and civilian markets.  In fact, a number of these weapons were exported directly from overseas factories to locations outside of the USA.  With extremely strong contacts and working relationships with former Eastern Bloc countries and former Soviet Union republics Arsenal has successfully imported both military and commercial weapons systems from, among other countries, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, and Russia.  Simply put, Arsenal can offer numerous military firearms, whether they are currently being manufactured or not.

Along with foreign weapons, Arsenal has a full line of U.S. source weapons.  This includes a full line of AR15/M16 firearms, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers.  Additionally, we are full line distributor.  If you wish to purchase a firearm we do not produce or import, we have contacts with a number of manufacturers that can allow us to source and procure anything you need.

Arsenal is the only privately owned American company licensed with the complete technology for production of Mil-Spec AK platform rifles, and who possesses all the necessary equipment, expertise, and trained staff for in-house manufacturing.  Furthermore, our manufacturing uses the latest technology which guarantees the most accurate and versatile weapons available.  Arsenal has contracted and provided weapons and accessories to the United States Government, foreign governments, law enforcement agencies and commercial distributors throughout the United States.  It is common knowledge that Arsenal manufactures and provides the highest quality MIL-SPEC rifles and weapons systems of their kind, due to the mastery of technology, personnel expertise, and established quality control guidelines and processes, as reflected by the factory in Bulgaria being ISO 9001 2008 certified and Arsenal Defense, being ISO 9001 2008 compliant.

Arsenal Defense stands ready with a superb logistics and possess the administrative infrastructure for production and delivery of any size order of firearms required by the U.S. Government.  The number of firearms presently being imported by Arsenal is only limited by the current market demand, including that of the US Government.  Arsenal is capable of production significant quantities of firearms and components.  The actual importation capabilities of Arsenal Defense correspond with the manufacturing capabilities of the largest arms manufacturing factories in the former Eastern Bloc and former Soviet Union republics. To illustrate this flexibility, in October of 2014 Arsenal Inc. imported 5,000 rifles into the United States.  In a 3-month period, from February 2013 through April 2013 Arsenal Inc. imported over 60,000 magazines, and over 14,000 weapons.

During 2013, Arsenal imported close to 150,000 magazines, and in that November alone imported 50,000 magazines.  Arsenal routinely imports on an average approximately 4,000 AK-47 and AKM variants as well as AK-74 and associated parts and accessories for production, modification, and resale.

All of our importations are via Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) License FFL type 8.  However, Arsenal can produce military specification components in CONUS. Most, if not all, of the parts and accessories (such as rails, scope mount, stocks, suppressors, muzzle brakes, etc.) are manufactured in-house, here in Las Vegas, Nevada under ATF FFL type 7, and are utilized to further improve, upgrade, and customize the performance of the imported firearms.  Further, Arsenal manufactures all components for the firearms we distribute and can perform all necessary repairs.

The following are weapons Arsenal can procure; available, from United States, Bulgaria (manufactured under strict license and technology guidance) as well from Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Poland, and Hungary (some of which are displayed on our Arsenal Defense website) :

  • AR15/M16 variants
  • AK-47 Variants, (7.62x39mm)/AR-M1/MPi+AK/AKM-63/AK107/kbkg-A1/M-70/PM type 63/B1
  • AKM Variants (5.56x45mm)/ AR-M1/MPi+AKS/AK-108/kbkg-Kbs/M-87/PM type 65
  • AK-74 Variants, (5.45x39.5mm)/AR-M1/AK101/103/M-99/PM type 86
  • AK-100 Russian (7.62x39mm)/Imported before Exec Order 13662)/On-Hand
  • PKM Medium Machine Gun (7.62x51mm, 7.62x54mm)/MG-1 & MG-1M/PKM-NATO/Zastava M84
  • Submachine Guns/Shipka, (9x18mm or 9x19mm)
  • GP-25/30 grenade launcher (40mm, 40x46mm)/UBGL Version 1-16
  • Shipka/Sub Machinegun (9x18mm)
  • Shipka/Sub Machinegun (9x19mm)
  • RPK/Light Machine Guns (7.62x39mm,  5.56x45mm)/LMG
  • RPK/Light Machine Guns (5.45x39.5mm)/LMG-F
  • DShK/ Heavy Machine Gun (12.7x108mm)/DShK
  • 82mm Mortar System (82mm) /82mm M82
  • RPG-7 (40mm)/AGL-L/AG-7/SINAR
  • SPG-9 (73mm)/ATGL-H
  • Air Defense (Towed)/ADS

Arsenal has on staff instructors that are certified to provide Weapons Training (including reference manuals, training aids, etc.).  Our training encompasses classroom and hands on instruction.  We can provide the training at Arsenal facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada or at your facility.  Courses range from firearms familiarization to Armorers courses.  Reference manuals plus training aids are all produced in-house.

Arsenal can deliver weapons systems from the factory to CONUS Customers:  Arsenal has a robust, capable, and highly responsive logistics and transportation network that arranges secure and timely transportation and delivery of non-standard weapon systems via air, sea, or land transportation to U.S. and Foreign delivery points, regardless if it originated from an overseas factory or from our facility here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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