Arsenal Custom Shop Cerakote© Service

Arsenal Custom Shop is Cerakote© Certified. We now offer Cerakote© services for Arsenal brand firearms utilizing H Series Cerakote© by our Cerakote© Certified Applicators.

Cerakote© finish adds a thin-film ceramic-based coating to your firearm. It improves durability preventing nicks and scratches and adds extra protection from corrosion, chemicals, and heat. Plus, it looks really cool and makes your Arsenal firearm stand out even more when you’re at the range!

We will Cerakote© your Arsenal brand firearm in the color of your choice. Cerakote© is applied to the receiver, gas tube, and barrel. Send them to us, or the whole firearm for an additional $49 for our Arsenal gunsmith's to disassemble and reassemble the firearm. Turnaround time is estimated to be 30 days.
NOTE: Example images provided may include matching furniture or magazines. The Cerakote© service is ONLY for the receiver, gas tube, and barrel.

Cerakote© service is available only for Arsenal brand firearms. We are not offering Cerakote© service on other brand firearms at this time.
Here's how the process works:

  1. Choose your Cerakote© color.
  2. Choose to send in only your parts, or pay the extra $50 and send your entire firearm in. Our experienced gunsmiths will disassemble and reassemble your firearm. 
  3. Please include your Arsenal firearm serial number for tracking purposes.
  4. Choose your service level(s). Level one is the default option and includes receiver assembly, barrel assembly with components, and gas tube. Level 2 includes top cover, safety lever, mag catch, muzzle attachment, and cleaning rod. Note you may request a component skipped (cleaning rod, for example), but that will not affect the price.
  5. Add additional accessories at $75 each (SAM7SF Stock or AK-650B Rail System).
  6.  After placing your order, our customer service associates will be in touch, or you may call us Monday - Friday 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM PST at (702) 643-2220 to receive an Authorization Number and shipping instructions.
    Shipments without Authorization Numbers are rejected and returned to the sender!

Purchase Cerakote© Service

Upon receipt, your firearm will undergo the following process to complete your Cerakote Service:

Upon receipt, our gunsmiths will check in your firearm, take "before" photos, and inspect for any flaws in the metal or other technical issues. Customer service will notify the customer if any issues are detected.

Firearm (receiver, gas tube, and barrel) is then placed in a sonic clean heated tank and given an acetone bath to remove oil, grease, and dirt. 

Firearm is then sandblasted and checked for proper paint adhesion. This process is of paramount importance to ensure an even and durable finish.

Arsenal Custom Shop Proprietary Step

All parts are baked in a specialty oven to gas out excess oils.

Firearm is thoroughly cleaned and prepped for painting.

Firearm is inspected a final time before Cerakote is applied.  

Cerakote is applied per Official Cerakote© specifications.

Firearm is baked per Official Cerakote© baking guidelines.

Final inspection of your parts for proper coating thickness, look, and feel. Any parts that fail to meet our quality standards will be moved back to the beginning of the process. 

Purchase Cerakote© Service