Arsenal Custom Shop provides a range of services tailored for Arsenal brand firearms including SAM7K conversion, Cerakote application, QD Point installation, and AR-M5F installation on Arsenal milled receiver rifles. Let the Arsenal professionals service your Arsenal firearms with authentic Arsenal factory components.

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  • QD Point Installation Service on Receiver

    • Custom Shop
    Not rated yet

    QD Point Installation Service on your Arsenal firearm receiver.

    • MSRP: $160.00
    • SKU: SVR-QD-R
  • Conversion Service Remove California Compliant Hindrances

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    This service converts an Arsenal "California Compliant" rifle to a standard rifle that does not require a tool to remove the magazine.

    • MSRP: $97.98
  • AR-M5F Installation Service

    • Custom Shop
    Not rated yet

    AR-M5F Rail System Installation Service. This allows customers to send in their Arsenal milled receiver rifles and have Arsenal install the AR-M5F rail system. Note this is for Arsenal, Inc. milled receiver rifles only! Contact us if you're not sure if your Arsenal rifle qualifies for this service.

    • MSRP: $449.99
    • SKU: SVR-AR-M5F
  • SAM7K Conversion Service

    • Custom Shop
    Not rated yet

    SAM7K conversion service. This allows customers to send in SAM7K models for conversion. Add Picatinny rail to the rear, threaded front sight block to the front, or both.

    • MSRP: $499.99
    • SKU: SVR-SAM7K
  • Cerakote¬© Service

    • Custom Shop
    Not rated yet

    Let our Cerakote© certified applicators add an extra layer of protection to your Arsenal firearm by applying a Cerakote© finish.
    Be sure to read the full description below so you understand the process and your available options! Additional information can also be found on our Cerakote© Service information page.

    • MSRP: $249.00