Avo Original Designs

Avo is a born artist. 

He is an award-winning designer who has been creating art for over 20 years. Every single piece that Avo makes, brims with passion. Avo is notorious for his work that he has done within the firearm community.

Avo possesses a modern flair with the highest of standards. He has a unique approach when it comes to creating art, which is appreciated by his following in both the art community and firearms industry.  

Avo is also a long-time firearms enthusiast. He owns an impressive collection of firearms and has an affinity for Arsenal Inc AKs. 

Arsenal Custom has partnered up with Avo to design custom magazines for a Special Collector’s series - his imagination ran wild, and he immediately went to work to bring some very interesting pieces to life. 

Avo’s Inspiration – I have always wanted to create an iconic character. At the same time, we wanted to make it relevant in the world of firearms. I created the Arsenal Battle Bunny as the first character, who’s sentiments are unapologetically pro 2nd Amendment and pro freedom. He says what he thinks and can celebrate holidays such as Christmas and Easter without apologizing for it and without concern of being cancelled. He’s the king of his briar patch, and he’s immune from political correctness. He simply doesn’t give a !#@%. I thought that the Battle Bunny would be the perfect fit. 

The Battle Bunny represents the voice of the people. 

I’ve also created unique pieces that collectors have found to be interesting such as the Rattlesnake design magazine. This is a very intricate piece of work that wraps entirely around the magazine with scales that are made using Arsenal’s logo which can be seen when magnified.

Avo's self-expression, both as an artist and human being, is honest and in line with Arsenal’s views and way of thinking.

Arsenal Inc and award-winning artist AVO have agreed to make a New Series of “Battle Bunny” Magazines. For the year 2022. There will be six pieces that are relevant to both the community and to current events and issues that we are facing. 

These are sure to be collector's items. 

The original Limited Edition Gold Easter Battle Bunny version that had an Easter Bunny engraved on a Gold Magazine were secured by collectors within a matter of minutes of being available online at K-Var.com. 

Over the next 6-8 months, Avo will create a complete series of designs with the Battle Bunny that highlight significant events during the 2022 calendar year. 

Each magazine is a direct representation of Avo’s designs and the Battle Bunny’s sentiments.

We at Arsenal cannot wait to see his Battle Bunny creations along with Avo’s other various designs. Arsenal custom fell in love with Avo’s art, passion, and the way that the characters reflect their sentiments. 

Keep your eyes and ears open for the next product drop so you can get your hands on this exclusive, memorable series. 

It will be the first of a series we are building. We are confident the entire series will be snagged up by collectors and enthusiasts immediately.   

We at Arsenal recognize that many collectors collect serial numbers, and therefore both K-Var Inner Circle Members and customers who purchased the gold colored Easter Battle Bunny magazine will be granted the first opportunity to secure the new AVO Bunny designs to add to their collection; Giving them the opportunity to secure their serialized number preference to match their entire collection. These are extremely sought after, and collectors will grab them up within minutes of them being available. 

All mags will be limited editions, Platinum in color and serialized from 001-100. 

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