Arsenal AR-M14SF TACT 7.62x39mm Rifle Gambit Barrel Extension

Arsenal 7.62x39mm milled receiver civilian model of the popular Military Special Ops AR-M14SF TACT select fire rifle. Includes the permanently attached (pinned and spot welded) Gambit barrel extender.

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Arsenal 7.62x39mm caliber, milled receiver, front sight/gas block combination, permanently attached Gambit barrel extender flash hider/muzzle brake, short gas system, black polymer ribbed handguards, stainless steel heatshield, pistol grip, right side folding buttstock, scope rail. Includes rear QD attachment on both sides. Includes one 30rd M-47W Circle 10 magazine.

This civilian semi-auto version of the Arsenal Bulgarian made Military Special Ops AR-M14SF TACT select fire rifle includes:

  • Gambit barrel extender flash hider/muzzle brake permanently attached.
  • Rear QD attachment points on both sides.
  • 1 30rd M-47W 7.62x39mm Circle 10 magazine.
  • Mil-Spec sling with QD attachment.
  • FIME Group Enhanced Fire Control Group FM-922EUS.

Gambit Barrel Extender Flash Hider / Muzzle Brake
Features the Gambit - Which is a barrel extension featuring an aggressive profile and serves as a flash hider/muzzle brake. Chrome lined and made of hardened steel, the Gambit enhances your shooting experience by providing reduced recoil and muzzle rise.
Gambit Features:

  • Effective muzzle brake functionality
  • 4 pairs of side-cut muzzle brake baffles to help with recoil
  • Stabilizes the rifle with the forward weight and the muzzle brake functionality (in fact, increases the accuracy)
  • Smooth bore with hard chrome lined interior – made of hardened steel
  • Looks great!
  • Waffle pattern for reduced weight and fast cooling
  • Permanently attached to make the rifle a non SBR

Arsenal’s Exclusive Milled and Forged Receiver
Each receiver is milled from a hot-die hammer forged receiver blank by the Arsenal Co. of Bulgaria. Arsenal’s hot-die hammer forging produces stronger and finer-grained steel. Internal voids and cooling deformations are eliminated by the 5-ton hammer forging process.

Each forged receiver blank requires over 5.5 hours of milling before assembly. This forging and milling process is complex and time-intensive, but Arsenal’s meticulous attention to detail delivers a receiver of unequalled strength, precision, and durability.

Includes FIME Group Enhanced Fire Control Group
Includes FM-922EUS, the Enhanced Fire Control Group (FCG) for AK- and RPK-based rifles. FIME's Enhanced FCG includes a single-hook trigger, hammer, disconnector, disconnector springs.

FIME’s Enhanced Fire Control Group delivers shortened trigger travel with an extremely smooth and light trigger pull. To prevent lever misfires, the disconnector face makes full contact with the hammer. Further, the disconnector is engineered with an elongated tail, which makes a full stop on the rear trigger guard rivet and the hammer stop prevents the hammer from slamming on the trigger. With these two designs functioning together, it eliminates the “trigger slap” found in competing products.

    • Shipping Weight
      10.3 lbs
    • SKU
  • Manufacturer
    Arsenal Inc.
  • Caliber:
    7.62 x 39 mm
  • Total length:
    35.5 in. (902 mm)
  • Folded length:
    26 in. (660 mm)
  • Barrel length:
    16.3 in. (415 mm)
  • Rifling:
    4 grooves
  • Twist rate:
    1:9.44 (1 in 240 mm)
  • Weight w/o magazine:
    7.67 lbs. (3.48 kg)
  • Muzzle velocity:
    1,969 fps (600 m/s)
  • Effective range:
    328 yds (300 m)
  • Maximum range:
    1,203 yds (1,100 m)
  • Rate of Fire:
    40 rds/min (practical)
  • Receiver
    Milled Receiver
  • Fire Control
    FIME Enhanced Trigger
  • Finish
  • Front
    Gambit Muzzle Extender
  • Magazine
    30 Round

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